A healthy and diverse workplace where numerous opinions are valued and everyone is heard. It’s the key to recruiting and retaining employees, effectively delivering a service or product, and ensuring healthy and happy employees. Workplaces that successfully develop multi-cultural workforces and provide cultural competency training enjoy higher employee retention, fewer discrimination incidents, improved morale, and increased productivity, while keeping pace with today’s ever-changing global market. Benavides Enterprises Inc. (BE Inc.) is a consulting firm that partners with companies and agencies to create an organizational culture where all employees can contribute and feel respected. BE Inc. provides practical and useful tools and strategies for workforce development, effective management and the development of critical skills to ensure consistent productivity, while helping overcome the challenges and reap the benefits of working with diverse groups of people.

More than 30 years of bridging cultural differences!

Gladis Benavides, Principal and Senior Consultant

With over thirty years of experience in the public and private sector, BE Inc. Founder and President Gladis Benavides is a skillful practitioner able to develop policies and procedures that improve workplace communications and practices, enhance work-related interpersonal relationships, and successfully bridge cultural differences. When Gladis first enters a workplace for an assessment, she does so with a keen eye aimed at discovering what services and/or training is needed. An expert in U.S. Federal laws and regulations, Gladis provides expert counsel in contract compliance, Equal Employment Opportunity, and labor relations, along with expert counsel and training in conflict resolution, Organizational Development, Employee Development and Training, and Targeted Marketing.

Clients applaud Gladis for not only her ethics, professionalism and knowledge but also the sense of levity she brings to her trainings. Awardee of the Dane County Martin Luther King Jr. Award and Hispanic Woman of the year, she has previously worked as an Investigator for the Equal Opportunities Commission and was instrumental in developing policy and procedures for the Wisconsin’s Health and Family Services as Civil Rights Director.

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